5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications

We chose this topic as pond weeds have several benefits and disadvantages, such as being able to influence the supply of oxygen/nutrients in the water and being able to control erosion in the soil. Some species of pondweeds are also able to grow rapidly and might cover other plant species, affecting their growth and survival. Therefore, being able to identify what amounts of NPK would be most suitable for the growth of pondweed could help to prevent the inconvenience of pondweed affecting other plant species, using it to our benefits to help in the survival of other aquatic plants and animals.

5.2 Areas for further study

Our experiment have only scratched the surface of the concept, with proper experimentation and further study, we might be able to use this concept to influence the growth of plants for our benefit such as regulating the growth of harmful plants while reaping its benefits as well. An area would be if there are any other chemicals that could also influence plants and are they more effective than NPK, and is there any way to make the results reliable for every set-up.

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